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22 June 2008 @ 10:24 pm
Book #14  
Title: 21: Bringing Down the House
Author: Ben Mezrick
Genre: Non-fiction
# of pages: 340
My rating of the book, F- [worst] to A [best]: B+

Description of the book: The long-running New York Times bestseller that has become a cultural phenomenon, Bringing Down the House is an action-filled caper carried out by the unlikeliest of cons -- supersmart geeks. Gambling pervaded the M.I.T. campus, and genius kids with money and glittering futures were just as likely to be found in a Paradise Island casino as in the school library. A highly elite group of mathletes was recruited to join The Club, a small, secret blackjack organization dedicated to counting cards and beating the major casinos across the nation at their own game. As a successful ring of card savants, backed by a mysterious ringleader and shadowy investors, they infiltrated Vegas and won millions.

Review: If you are thinking that the book is going to be anything like the movie, you have got that wrong. While there are parts that are slightly sluggish, the book does move at a quick pace and you are seduced into what seems to be a glizty type of life. Recommened.

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