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21 July 2008 @ 02:13 pm
Book #16  
Title: All she ever wanted
Author: Lynn Austin
Genre: Fiction, Christian
# of pages: 400
My rating of the book, F- [worst] to A [best]: B+

Description of the book (from the back of the book): Thirty-five years ago, Kathleen fled her home, desperate to cast off weights of poverty and shame. But an unexpected invitation from her sister unwittingly draws her back to the sleepy New York town, her own daughter in tow.

A trip meant to salvage her relationship with her daughter changes course as Kathleen reexamines her own childhood. But even more enlightening are the stories of Eleanor, her once-vibrant mother, and Fiona, the grandmother she barely knew.

The more Kathleen learns, the more answers she seeks concerning her family's mysterious past. Yet with the past exposed, Kathleen is torn between her need to forgive and the urge to forget.

Review: A nice quick read, especially since its a familiar formula that I have encountered from Austin. While most of the book is well-written, the end of the book is a bit of downer, especially in the last few pages, where it becomes rather formulaic. Overall, it was good.

Up next: The Waterboy by Bobby Ackles

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